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100 Jews Reported Arrested in Hungary; Shechitah Ban in Effect

Anti-Jewish newspapers reported today that political police Thursday night arrested 100 Jewish employes of three Jewish firms on charges of hostile activity against the State, specifically, calling on clients to boycott coffee houses, restaurants and theatres and to refrain from shopping as protest against the Government’s bill to restrict Jews in the nation’s social, economic and cultural life. Jewish community leaders declared the community was not involved in the alleged boycott. The police have issued no communique.

A Government ban on kosher slaughtering of cattle went into effect throughout the nation Thursday, but thus far has created no shortage of kosher meat for the Passover holiday because of the large refrigerator supply on hand. The ban, which requires stunning of animals before slaughter does not apply to sheep and poultry.

The method prescribed by the Government was the subject of a conference of the Union of Hungarian Rabbis and Teachers, the Hungarian Rabbinical Seminary and the Budapest Rabbinical Council, at which it was reaffirmed that stunning before slaughter was contrary to Jewish law. The conference decided, however, that it was permissible to stun the animal immediately after severing its jugular vein.