Foreign Intervention Charge to Figure in Codreanu Trial
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Foreign Intervention Charge to Figure in Codreanu Trial

Charges of attempted foreign intervention in this country’s domestic affairs will play a part unprecedented in modern Rumanian history when Corneliu Zelea Codreanu goes on trial for treason before a court martial next Monday.

The hearings for the most part will be open to the public, but secret sessions will be held when evidence is heard of the foreign financial and moral support which allegedly had enabled the pro-Fascist Iron Guard leader to pursue his adventurous career during the last few years.

Identity of these foreign elements is being scrupulously withheld, and censorship has evidently been responsible for the blank spaces appearing in the documentary material made public thus far. It is widely noted, however, that one document, in which Codreanu announced the success of his Rumanian “National Socialist” movement, was left untouched by authorities.

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