English Bishop Condemns Persecution of Jews, “absurd Hitlerist Racialism”
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English Bishop Condemns Persecution of Jews, “absurd Hitlerist Racialism”

Dr. Henry Wilson, Bishop of Chelmsford, declared today it was the duty of Christians to help the Jews, whose “life is even worse than that of dogs” in Germany. Writing in the Diocesan Chronicle, he strongly condemned persecution of Jews and “absurd Hitlerist racialism.”

“The hearts and conscience of a great many, if not all of us must be seriously troubled by the persecution to which non-Aryans are subjected in Germany and Austria,” Dr. Wilson said. “I cannot state too strongly how firmly I believe it is our plain duty to help the members of these bitterly, savagely persecuted races.”

Referring to the “fiction” of “Aryan blood,” he said, “Scientists ridicule this absurd theory, which, however, combined with the natural hatred and jealousy of the Jews, whose intellectual and financial ability are preeminent, means that life is not worth living for anyone of Jewish parentage and grandparentage in Germany; their life is even worse than, that of dogs. One cannot but feel that this kind of thing brings its punishment with it.”

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