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Britain Rejects Suggestion for Consultation with Dominions on Refugee Policy

Dominions Secretary Lord Stanley told the House of Commons today that the Government does not consider “practical” a suggestion that it consult the dominions on admission of refugees in order to present in the forthcoming international refugee-aid conference at Evian, France, a concerted plan for the British Empire as a whole.

Admission of refugees, lord Stanley asserted, is a matter for each Government to decide. He added, however, that the Dominions had been invited to Evian and that the British delegates would maintain close contact with them.

Winding up the Foreign Office vote debate last night, Parliamentary Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Richard A. Butler declared that while the Government had not yet received the official Evian agenda from Washington for purposes of publication, he knew that it was proposed that financing of emergency immigration should be undertaken by private organizations within the respective countries and that no country would be asked to receive more immigrants than is permitted by present legislation.