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Reich Speeds Confiscation of Exiles’ Property; Denationalization Rate 250 Monthly

Confiscation of the property of refugees has been accelerated by the Government, which has been denaturalizing 250 emigres monthly during the current year in order to remove the last obstacles to confiscatory procedure.

A total of 1,492 emigres have been deprived of their citizenship in the first six months of 1938 as against 1,234 in all of 1933, the first year of the Hitler regime. the official Reichsanzeiger each month publishes several lists of from 40 to 70 names of persons who have been denaturalized, without making public the specific grounds. Action is based on a series of general laws enacted in july, 1933.

While formerly, eastern Jews were the principal victims of the denaturalization drive, now mostly german-born Jews are affected. Most of the latter, in leaving Germany, had to leave behind real estate, securities and blocked marks. Meanwhile, leading jew-BAITERS ARE URGING EXTENSION OF THE DENATURALIZATION DRIVE TO JEWS STILL RESIDING IN Germany.