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Streicher Demands Uprooting of Synagogues As “bandits’ Caves”

Synagogues in Germany are “bandits’ caves” which should be rooted out of Reich soil, Der Stuermer, mouthpiece of Julius Streicher, proclaimed tonight. According to Streicher’s violent editorial, the synagogue in Nuremberg is a Blot “on that pearl of German cities, the meeting-place of the national socialist party congress.” The article described Jewish houses of worship as “prayer-houses for the Jewish criminal world clique.”

The Berlin synagogue may soon be torn down, presumably in line with plans for architectural reorganization of the capital. The synagogue at Munich has Already been demolished to make place for a parking lot.

Lists of all Jewish business concerns in Germany were ready tonight to be used in speeding the “purge of non-Aryans” from Reich industry and commerce. Copies of these lists will go to all district Nazi leaders. The directories also contain the names of the so-called “camouflaged” Jewish business, as well as those operated by “half-breeds.”