Partition Commission Leaves Palestine; Disorders Continue
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Partition Commission Leaves Palestine; Disorders Continue

Having completed a four month investigation of the proposal for three-way division of the holy land, the pales tine partition commission left for Haifa today to sail for England on the S.S. Galilee.

Sporadic disorders continued, meanwhile, with a British private succumbing to wounds sustained in a clash with Arabs near Nablus on Monday, sniping near Hedera and a bombing in Haifa. A 22-year-old Jewess, Rachel Muchmnik, was wounded by snipers at Kibbutz Avuka, near Hedera. A Jewish laborer, Isser Takif, was injured when a bomb struck a bus in Haifa without exploding.

The British cruiser Repulse, it was announced, will leave Haifa Aug. 28, but will be replaced by another from Malta.

Curfew was lifted yesterday from Haifa, except for the Arab quarters, and from the Jaffa-Tel Aviv boundary area, where it had been in effect since July 4. An Arab corporal of Ghaffir, wounded Monday in an attack near Jerusalem’s Damascus gate, died yesterday.