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White Guardist Reign of Terror Cuts Harbin Jewish Population from 12,000 to 3,000

The Jewish community here is in a state of panic as a result of continuous kidnaping of prominent Jews by Russian white Guardists.

The latest victim of a systematic campaign of terrorism through abduction s Isaac Klurman, a merchant. The kidnapers extort ransom from relatives, getting large sums, but the victims are seldom returned alive.

Among Jews recently kidnaped and slain are the following: Meier Kopman and Mendel Leonson, merchants; Mark Abramovitch, a student, and Simon Kaspe, a musician.

White Guard terrorism, which has gone virtually unchecked for a number of ears, has compelled thousands of Jews to leave Harbin. Several years ago, the Jewish community here numbered 12,000. Today there are but 3,000 Jews left.

The authorities recently took some measures to curb the more violent aspects of the terror campaign against the Jews. A White Guardist newspaper which incited to pogroms was suppressed.