Labor Union Holds Jews Responsible for Anti-mexican Propaganda in U.S.
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Labor Union Holds Jews Responsible for Anti-mexican Propaganda in U.S.

Responsibility for alleged anti-Mexican propaganda in the United States was laid at the door of Jews in an editorial in El Popular, organ of the powerful Confederation of Mexican Labor.

The editorial uses as a springboard dispatches in the New York Times by its Mexico City correspondent, frank L. Kluckhohn, in which he reported that Mexico was drifting further away from the United States politically and economically and was approaching closer to the Nazi and Fascist countries.

Asserting that the Times is a “Jewish paper” and “the quintessence of Semitic, pseudo-democratic capitalism in the United States,” El Popular contends that the Jews are therefore responsible for the alleged anti-Mexican attitude in the United States.

The editorial also declares that the “alleged democracy” in North America is Jewish and is responsible for the “anti-radical propaganda” carried on there. The American Federation of Labor is asserted to be involved in this propaganda, which El Popular contends is also aimed against President Roosevelt.

Editor of El Popular is Vicente Lombardo Toledano, secretary of the Confederation of Mexican Labor (CTM, as it is popularly known). On a recent visit to the United States, Lombardo Toledano denied reports that the CTM was anti-Semitic.

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