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Reich Publishes List of ‘jewish Names’ Barred to “aryans”

Germany’s recent law requiring all Jews to add “Israel” or “Sarah” to their given “Aryan” first names was supplemented tonight with a complete list of names considered Jewish. Biblical names, like Joseph, and names of foreign origin, like Peter, Julius, Elisabeth and Marta, were considered “Germanized” and therefore on the approved list for “Aryans.”

“Aryan” parents must hereafter christen their children only with “German” names, except in special cases where they are members of a national minority or where a name is considered to belong to family tradition. The portion of the law affecting Jews, which will go into effect next Jan. 1, contains provisions for punishment by imprisonment and fine for violations. Jews of foreign nationality will not be affected, however.

Dr. Heinen, a Nazi district leader, told Nazi party chiefs of Cologne and Aachen today that “Aryanization” of the region’s business enterprises, handicapped during the early years of the Hitler regime by unwillingness to impair German economy, was now progressing favorably. “In Cologne,” he pointed out, “there were 16,000 Jews in 1925, 14,800 in 1933. By 1937 this figure had risen to 15,156, due to the Jewish influx from the rural districts. Aryanization measures have permitted reduction of this figure to 11,459 in 1938.”