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Berlin Predicts Anti -semitic Turn in Czech Policy

Reported measures by Praha against “political refugees” will be one of the chief topics when the czech foreign Minister arrives here tomorrow to discuss future relations with Germany.

Meanwhile, as the Nazis launched an elimination drive in Sudetenland, installing the Austrian commissar system, the Angriff and the Voelkischer Beobachter, official Nazi organs, predicted a strong anti-Semitic turn in the policy of the new Czech government. Both newspapers reported “a revolution in the attitude of the czech people toward the Jewish problem,” declaring that Czech lawyers and physicians held a meeting Monday at which they demanded application of the “Aryan paragraph” by professional chambers.

The papers declared the Czech press was already assuming an unfriendly attitude toward Jewish emigrants from Sudetenland and asserted that the Czechs would not countenance the taking over by Jews of whatever jobs were available. They concluded that “in connection with the Jewish problem, the resignation of Dr. Eduard Benes will have far-reaching results because Benes was the protector of the Jews who spared no effort to put obstacles in the way of racial principles.”