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250 Jews Expelled by Sudeten Nazis Live in Ditches

Some 250 Jews, expelled by the Nazis from German-occupied Sudetenland after being stripped of their possessions, and barred from Czech territory, are now living half-starved in ditches in the “no-man’s-land” between the two areas, it was reported here today.

United States Minister Wilbur Carr said there was no way in which the Praha legation could intervene, but forwarded an appeal to refugee organizations in Praha. The refugee committee in Brno sent a carload of food for the unfortunates, but the Czech authorities would not allow it to cross the frontier.

The refugees include 150 south of Brno, 52 near Kostitz and 51 near Reigern. They include many women and children. Among them is a man who became demented because of hardship and an expectant mother.