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Fascist, Nazi Press Angered by President’s Speech

The German and Italian press today sharply criticized President Roosevelt for reference to “dispersion all over the world of millions of helpless and persecuted wanderers” in his address to the herald tribune forum last night, according to reports from Berlin and Rome.

The Hamburger Fremdenblatt advised him “to remember the Indians when sobbing about the Jews.” It added that “neither Germany nor Europe have any desire to be confronted with ethical maxims which have not been part and parcel of American practice.” the German news Agency’s terse report merely said: “Roosevelt furthermore devoted himself sympathetically to ‘the helpless and persecuted’ Jews, etc., etc.”

In Rome, La Tribuna said the speech shoved that the Jews constituted the “real reason rather than the pretext which impels democratic governments to arm themselves to the point of congestion.” it said that the speech “fits quite well into the picture of democratic, Jewish and Masonic activity.”