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Nazi Decree Bars Jews from Tax Reductions for Children

Modifying the citizen tax law, a decree was issued here barring Jews from reductions granted to Germans for children. A similar discrimination was introduced last year with respect to the income tax.

The banking house of Mendelsohn Company will be taken over by the Deutsche Bank before Jan. 1, It was reliably reported today. It is the largest Jewish private bank. The house was founded in 1805 by Josef Mendelsohn, son of Moses Mendelsohn, the famous philosopher and remained largely in the same hands since then. The “Aryanization” of the bank will result in dismissal of its Jewish directors and employees.

An exhibition entitled “The Eternal Jew” will open in Berlin for the first time on Nov. 12 “to show the danger of Jewry to the German folk.” It will run until Dec. 31. (The exhibition has previously been shown in Munich and Vienna. It depicts alleged Jewish influence in various fields.)