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Italian Press Scoffs at U.S. Efforts to Aid Jews

President Roosevelt is of Jewish origin, and his humanitarianism in reality masks a campaign to frighten the Latin American countries into buying millions of dollars worth of United States munitions, Tribuna charged tonight. The entire Fascist press scoffed at the democracies for their concerted indignation at Germany’s persecution of the Jews.

Virginio Gayda, Premier Benito Mussolini’s most authoritative editorial spokesman, remarked that Great Britain, the United States, France, the British Dominions, the Netherlands and Switzerland had all taken steps to close the doors to Jewish refugees. Writing in Giornale d’Italia, which he edits, Gayda pointedly asked why none of these countries was willing to give sanctuary to the emigres, “to whom they make a pretense of devoting so much verbal pity and so much civic charity.”