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Anti-semites Defeated in Polish Municipal Elections

Despite a strong anti-Jewish campaign, marked by violence in some sections, radical anti-Semites were defeated in yesterday’s municipal elections here and in Lodz, official returns showed today. Of 100 seats in the Warsaw City Council, the governmental party won 39, the Polish Socialists 27, the Jewish Socialists 16, the Endeks (National Democrats) 11, the Naras (National Radicals) 4 and the Zionists 3. The 84 seats in the Lodz City Council were divided as follows: Polish Socialists, 35; Endeks, 20; governmental party, 13; Jewish Socialists, 7; Zionists, 3; Agudath Israel (orthodox Jewish organization), 3; Germans, 3.

Dozens of Jews were beaten up in Warsaw by Endeks during the elections. Anti-Semitic agitators called for “Dejudaization of Warsaw” and re-creation of a ghetto for the Jews.