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Anti-jewish Measures on Nazi Model Urged by Government Youth Group in Czechoslovakia

Anti-Jewish regulations largely modeled after the Nazi Nuremberg Laws and a corporate state cut to the Fascist pattern are the chief “reforms” advocated for Czechoslovakia by the youth organization of Premier Rudolf Beran’s National Union Parties in a program made public here tonight.

As is the case in Germany, anyone with one Jewish grandparent would be considered a Jew under this project and would be barred from the nation’s educational and administrative life, while Jewish participation in other fields would be drastically curtailed.

Jews who entered CzechoSlovakia after July 26, 1914, would be deported. All Czecho Slovak citizens would be subject to one year of compulsory labor service before they became eligible for positions in private or public industry. There would be obligatory military service and training, but Jews would be banned from this. Instead they would be drafted into the labor battalions.

The Jewish population as a whole would be considered a minority and therefore not a real part of the “national community,” which would be administered in conformity with the dictates of a “Christian morality and Christian education, in a national and Christian sense.”