Arabs Reach Accord on Delegation; Leave for London Today
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Arabs Reach Accord on Delegation; Leave for London Today

The last obstacle to Arab participation in the forthcoming London conferences on Palestine appeared to have been cleared away today when two Arab moderates were included in the Palestinian delegation. This delegation and the representatives of the neighboring Arab states will leave for London tomorrow on the Italian liner Conte Rosso via Trieste.

Premier Nuri Pasha es-Said of Iraq, head of the Iraqian delegation, who flew to Beirut yesterday with two aides to induce the exiled ex-Mufti of Jerusalem to modify his stand against participation of Arab moderates, returned today with the ex-Mufti’s assent for inclusion of two representatives of the Arab Defense Party, Yacoub Faraj and Nemr el Nabulsi.

The matter was brought to a head yesterday when the British Government demanded representation for the Arab moderate party, headed by ex-Mayor Ragheb Bey Nashashibi of Jerusalem and his cousin, Mayor Fakhri Bey Nashashibi of Bethlehem.

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