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New Pamphlet Refutes Coughlin Charges Against Jews

A copiously documented pamphlet refuting Father Charles E. Coughlin at almost every point in his charges regarding the Jews has been issued by the General Jewish Council, comprising the four major American Jewish organizations. The 59-page booklet is entitled “Father Coughlin, His ‘Facts’ and Arguments.”

Using many photostats of documents and records, the pamphlet takes up in detail such topics as: “How Father Coughlin Misquotes;” “The False Accusation that Jewish Bankers Financed Communism;” the “Amazing Resemblance Between Father Couglin’s Article and Goebbels’ Speech;” an analysis of “How Jews Have Been Persecuted Under Communism;” “The Insignificant Part Played by Jews in German Communism;” “Father Coughlin a Hero in Germany;” the “Persistent Jewish Opposition to Communism;” “How Jews Have been Persecuted in Germany;” “Nazism as a ‘Political Defense Mechanism';” and “The Catholic Stand against Anti-Semitism.” In conclusion, the pamphlet says: “The foregoing facts speak for themselves. We submit them without further comment.”