Nashashibi Relative Dies in Continuing Disorders
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Nashashibi Relative Dies in Continuing Disorders

Adnan Nashashibi, nephew of Ragheb Bey Nashashibi, moderate Arab delegate to the current London conferences, succumbed today to bullet wounds inflicted by a terrorist near Herod’s gate yesterday. He was the second recent victim of his family in the feud between the moderate Nashashibi faction and the extremists led by the exiled Mufti of Jerusalem. Zuhdi Nashashibi, another member of the family was wounded by terrorists here on Feb. 22.

Meanwhile, another Jew was added to the death toll in Arab disorders. Yerachmiel Dominitz, whose mother and brother were killed in an Arab attack on their home in a village near Rehoboth on Feb. 27, died of his wounds. British troops, continuing operations against terrorists, discovered a cache of arms, explosives, uniforms and equipment in the Ballaa village in Samaria.

Five Jewish colonies successfully resisted attacks by Arab terrorist bands. The colonies are Ein Hashofet (named for Louis D. Brandeis) Ramat Yochanan, Kiryat Hachoresh, El Rei and Kfar Hassidim.

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