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News Brief

The 170 refugees arrested near Ashkalon were transferred from the Jaffa jail to a concentration camp at Sarafend.

Two casualties resulted from yesterday’s demonstrations in Haifa in protest against deportation of illegal immigrants. A 16-year-old Jewish youth was hit by a police baton while the demonstrations were being broken up and was removed to Hadassah hospital. A British constable was slightly injured when stoned.

A minor demonstration was also held in Tel Aviv, which was dispersed by the police. The Tel Aviv Municipal Council adopted a resolution of protest to the British Government against the Palestine Government’s attitude toward the persecuted Jews.

A Jewess, Miss Gina Hominer, 20, was shot dead yesterday at Kfar Saba in a terrorist attack. Noah Halperin, 19, was shot and critically injured at the Ain Kerem Road near Beth Hakerem.