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Press, Move for Unity Committee in Palestine

A nation-wide Jewish conference was called today to press for formation of a united emergency committee to wage the campaign against Britain’s Palestine plan. Those issuing the call for the meeting were David Yellin, Prof. Joseph Klausner, Daniel Auster and Samuel Ussishkin, son of Menachem M. Ussishkin. Joshua Suprassky, in a statement on behalf of Group B of Palestine General Zionists, and General Zionist newspapers stressed the need for such a committee.

Meanwhile, terrorism continued. A field fire destroyed a wide area of Arab and Jewish farm lands in the neighborhood of Rosh Pina and a school near Ayelet Haschachar before it was brought under control by Jewish settlers mobilized in the vicinity. A Jew was injured in Arab sniping in Hadar Hacarmel near Haifa.