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Churchill Sees Goebbels Best Propagandist for Non-nazis; Urges Retainer by Jews

Terming Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels of Germany the “supreme propagandist for the non-Nazi forces throughout the world,” Winston Churchill, noted British statesman and author, has ironically suggested that he be paid “a very large retaining fee by world Jewry to keep at it.”

In an article published by the New York Herald-Tribune yesterday, Mr. Churchill declared that “so far as the British-speaking people are concerned, there could be no better propaganda than that served out by Goebbels.” He added: “Every opportunity should be given to the wage-earning masses in Great Britain, the United States, France, Poland and the smaller countries to hear every word he says. He ought to be paid a very large retaining fee by the world Jewry to keep at it. If he finds the personal strain too great, we could offer special opportunities to Nazi speakers from his department to come and lecture in Great Britain. I have no doubt that the United States would give full police protection to such missionaries in the discharge of their task. If anything happened to Goebbels we should all regard it as a disaster. His is a precious life, and his voice belongs to mankind.”