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Reich Deportees Continue to Arrive at Polish Border; 400 in “no-man’s-land”

A new group of Jews deported from Germany arrived at the Polish frontier today, while 400 to 500 others continued their week-long wandering in the “no-man’s-land.” The new party reached the Polish border station of Zbonszyn from Cologne, the Saar and other Western German provinces. Only a score of them, whose Polish documents were in order, were permitted to pass the border.

The others joined the previous deportees, who, according to reports from the border towns of Zbonszyn, Rybnik and Beuthen, were suffering severe privation in the frontier area. These refugees, including many children, cripples and aged persons, wandered in the fields and forests, hunted by dogs let loose by the frontier guards, who injured many and tore their clothes to shreds. One woman and one child were killed when driven off by Polish frontier guards. One man died of exhaustion.

Jewish members of Parliament are intervening with the Foreign Office for amelioration of the deportees’ plight.