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Nazi Emigration Office Opens in Prague; Slovakia Drafts Jewish Soldiers for Road Work

The newly created Central Emigration Office in Bohemia-Moravia has been placed under Dr. Stahlecker, commander of Reichs Protector Konstantin von Neurath’s special police, it was officially announced today in Prague.

All offices of the Czech Government have been instructed to turn over all applications by prospective Jewish emigrants to the new Nazi bureau. The bureau’s activity will be limited, for the time being, to the Prague district, but will later be extended to other parts of the “protectorate.” A Jewish emigration office is being set up to cooperate with the Nazi bureau.

Reports from Bratislava said that 500 Jewish soldiers and officers who had been expelled from the Slovakian army have been formed into three labor groups. Put on road construction jobs and other public works at Rencin, Neusohl and Presov, the ex-soldiers are being treated like slaves and given insufficient food.

“Aryanization” of the remaining Jewish businesses in Slovakia has been announced in the Government organ, which cited the example of the township Belus, where all the Jews were driven out after “settling their business affairs” under the direction of the Hlinka Guards.