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Ex-nazi Leader’s Book, “revolution of Nihilism,” Predicted Red-nazi Tie

Hitler’s fight against Judaism was “a means of destruction of past categories of thinking and valuation” as a prelude to destroying the Christian faith, declares Hermann Rauschning, former Nazi leader and one-time president of the Danzing Senate, in a new book, “The Revolution of Nihilism,” to be published by Alliance Book Corporation on Aug. 28.

The book, which predicted Russo-German cooperation, declares that American morality is the most dangerous enemy of Hitlerism. He asserts that the only opposition “that will become dangerous to the dictatorship is not a monarchist or a conservative one, one of the workers or the middle classes, one of soldiers or patriots or of youth; it is an ethical revulsion, common to all of these groups”– a kind of opposition, which, he holds, America possesses.