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Reich Bids Jewish Professionals Return, Nazi Consulates Extend Invitations

Information reaching here today indicated that Germany, whose radio stations are continuing to broadcast anti-Jewish war propaganda, is officially inviting Jewish doctors and other professionals in neutral countries to return to the Reich to fill medical and engineering gaps created by war needs. The invitations are being extended through German consulates in various countries.

Belgian newspapers report that the Nazi Consulate in Brussels has published an announcement declaring that “all German intellectuals and people of the free professions, irrespective of their racial origin, can return to Germany.”

The announcement, apparently issued under instructions from Berlin, is ridiculed by the Belgian newspapers, which express their astonishment that after so many years of persecuting the Jews and driving them “mercilessly out of the land in which they were born and raised, Hitler shamelessly calls them back, knowing well that not a single Jew will respond to his invitation.”