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A.F.L. Annual Report Condemns Persecution of Minorities; Asks Boycott Be Pushed

The American Federation of Labor today protested against persecution of minorities in totalitarian nations and the development of racial hatred, and called for continuation of the anti-Nazi boycott until Hitler ceased his persecution of Jews, Catholics and Protestants.

The report of the A.F.L. Executive Council, issued to delegates to the 59th annual convention, said: "We protest against the persecution of minorities in totalitarian nations. We protest against racial persecution and the development of racial hatred. We plead for the substitution of freedom, democracy and tolerance among all people and in all nations throughout the world."

The recommendation on the boycott was: "The Executive Council renews its recommendation that the 59th Annual Convention of the American Federation of Labor reaffirm the declarations previously made in conventions of the American Federation of Labor, in favor of a boycott against German goods and services, until Hitler and his totalitarian government in Germany ceases persecution of Jewish people because of racial hatred and because of their minority position, and of the Catholics and Protestants who seek to exercise freedom to worship in accordance with the dictates of conscience."

In a section on immigration legislation, the report said that "Congress has never before been confronted with such a flood of anti-alien bills, as made their appearance at this session" and added that the A.F.L. opposed concentration camps, compulsory finger-printing and other restrictive measures for aliens.