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World Prophetic Parley Here Told All Jews Will Return to Palestine Before Millenium

The International Prophetic Conference, meeting at the Calvary Baptist Church, yesterday heard a prophecy that all the Jews would return to Palestine, also that the Roman Empire would be recreated and a great northern federation arise which would clash in the Holy Land.

The prophecy was made by the Rev. Dr. Donald G. Barnhouse, of Philadelphia, who said the return of the Jews to Palestine and the creation of the two empires were the three inevitable eventualities predicted in the Scriptures which would come to pass before the return of Christ and Armaggedon, to be followed by the millenium.

Dr. Barnhouse assailed dictatorships and anti-Semitism, as did the Rev. Dr. Will H. Houghton, president of the Moody Bible Institute, who said: “A second purpose of this conference is to give recognition to the fact that the children of Israel are still the children of God. This conference will give no comfort to anti-Semitism.”