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Alaskan Representative Sees Natives Opposed to Territory’s Use As Refugee Haven

Legislation to set Alaska apart as a haven for large numbers of European refugees will be opposed vigorously by people of the territory, according to Anthony Dimand, Alaskan delegate to Congress, quoted in a Scripps-Howard Newspaper Alliance dispatch in the New York World-Telegram. He said that Alaska took the position that it was part of the United States and demanded that it be given the same treatment as the country as a whole.

Meanwhile, Norton Savage, chairman of the Engineering Seminar of City College’s School of Technology, declared in a letter to the New York Post that the “United States should hang its head in shame” for not yet having opened Alaska, where “all that is needed is a determined effort to increase the permanent population of Alaska and the result will be to provide homes for refugees, jobs for them and for thousands of American citizenz.” Prof. Savage added that the Seminar was interested in Alaska because its development meant jobs for engineers “for years to come.”