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Jews Flee Vienna to Avoid Shift to ‘reservation'; Removal of 400,000 from Reich Planned

Jews are fleeing Vienna and hiding to avoid removal to the projected Jewish “reservation” in the Lublin area of Nazi-occupied Poland, it was reported here today through Scandinavian countries.

Special concentration camps have already been established within the “reservation” where about 8,000 Jews are kept isolated behind barbed-wire, reports said.

Plans have been laid in Berlin to force between 400,000 and 465,000 Jews from the Reich — including 65,000 from Vienna alone — to move to Lublin, it was declared.

In order to avoid scenes, the Nazis in Vienna do not permit family members of expelled Jews to come to the train when they leave. Each Jew is permitted to take with him 300 marks in Polish zlotys, certain tools, two suits of working clothes, one Winter coat, one pair of shoes, four suits of underwear, a dozen handkerchiefs and four pairs of socks.