Weizmann Visit to U.S. Set for December; Will Stay 3 Months
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Weizmann Visit to U.S. Set for December; Will Stay 3 Months

Dr. Chaim Weizmann, president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, is planning to visit the United States early in December for a stay of three or four months in connection with political and fund raising activities, it was learned today.

David Ben Gurion, chairman of the Agency’s Jerusalem Executive, who arrived from Palestine Monday night, is extensively discussing general Palestine problems with Dr. Weizmann. He has given the Agency leader a detailed report on the present situation in Palestine.

Meanwhile, Agency leaders here are chiefly concerned with the immigration question, particularly as it applies to the Polish refugee problem, and also the attitude of the British Government in refusing a schedule for the current six-month period, although it is issuing a non-Jewish schedule, despite the pressing urgency of the refugee problem.

Ben Gurion met with members of the Executive here yesterday for a general comparison of developments both in London and Jerusalem and a discussion of immediate problems.

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