High Food Prices Intensifty Suffering in Lwow; Chief Rabbi Seized
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High Food Prices Intensifty Suffering in Lwow; Chief Rabbi Seized

Reports from Lwow, Russian Poland, said today that while life has resumed its “normal course” in that city, conditions were daily growing worse because of increased food prices.

A kilo of bread, it was reported, brought two zlotys (39 cents at pre-war rates) while a similar amount of butter cost 16 zlotys. The zloty, however, was not being accepted in exchange for such commodities everywhere. Persons holding labor cards were reported to be in a more comfortable position than the remainder of the population, but their number was said not to be large.

The Soviet authorities have reportedly arrested Chief Rabbi Dr. Levi Freund of Lwow, and the industrialist Axelbrod, who was a member of the administrative committee of the Jewish Agency for Palestine. The noted Jewish attorney, Dr. Leib Landau, was reported to have turned down a Soviet invitation to become commissar of the city.

Three daily newspapers, cafes and cinemas have resumed operations in Lwow. Two of the papers, Polish and Ukrainian, are edited by local residents, but the Yiddish paper is edited by a commissar from Soviet Russia.

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