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Rumanian Court Ruling Hits All Not Listed in Nationalities Register

Rumanian subjects whose names do not appear on the nationalities lists must be considered foreigners, the Kishineff High Court ruled today in dismissing an appeal by a Jewish firm from conviction for violation of the labor law forbidding enterprises to employ more than a specified percentage of foreigners.

The appellants had contended that a number of employed Rumanian subjects whose names do not appear in the nationalities register because they had omitted necessary formalities should be considered Rumanians. The court rejected the contention, holding they must be considered foreigners, and upheld the conviction. The decision is particularly interesting because the recent revision of citizenships revealed that more than 48,000 Rumanian Jews were not listed in the nationalities register.

Justice Minister Istrate Micescu has requested provincial bar associations to halt the revision of lists of lawyers excluded from practice pending issuance of new laws governing admission to the bar. The effect of this measure is expected to be to postpone reconsideration of the cases of hundreds of Jewish lawyers barred from practice.