Nazis Order Jews to Quit Czechia by End of 1940
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Nazis Order Jews to Quit Czechia by End of 1940

French newspapers reported today that some 70,000 Jews in the Nazi “protectorate” of Bohemia-Moravia face expulsion, probably to the Lublin “reservation,” under an edict ordering all Jews up to the age of 60 to leave before the end of 1940.

Hints that such an order was in preparation were contained last week in the Nazi press in Prague, which had published articles demanding expulsion of all Jews on the grounds that they were responsible for the widespread anti-Nazi whispering campaign.

Deportation of Jews to the Lublin region of Nazi Poland had been temporarily suspended in the last few weeks, reportedly because of a sharp division of opinion. on the matter between the Gestapo and the military authorities. However, with the beginning of 1940, the deportations to Lublin are certain to be resumed since it has been reliably learned that the Gestapo has succeeded in getting the upper hand in the controversy.

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