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Presence of Nazi Troops on Border Spurs Resurgence of Anti-semitism in Rumania

French newspapers reported tonight that the arrival of German troops at the Rumanian frontier through Soviet Poland had resulted in a resurgence of anti-Semitic activity in Rumania.

(At the same time, a Royal decree issued in Bucharest named Prof. Alexander Vaida-Voevod, former Premier and a leading anti-Semite, as president of the Front of National Rebirth, Rumania’s only political party.)

Anti-Semitic elements in Rumania were quoted as declaring: “One of the advantages of the new situation will be that the Jewish question, which had been tormenting for some time, will now be solved once and for all.”

What Jews in Rumania were said to fear most was possible revival of the Iron Guard, suppressed pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic organization, which has been lying low since the execution of its leader, Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. Chancellor Hitler is believed to be anxious to have the Iron Guard come to life again as a factor in forcing Rumania toward a pro-German alignment.