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No Jew Can Accept White Paper, Chief Rabbi Herzog Holds

Interviewed prior to his departure for Palestine yesterday, Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog declared that “it goes without saying that no Jew could accept the White Paper policy as a solution of the Palestine question.” Dr. Herzog stressed the great possibilities of settling new immigrants despite the war or perhaps even because of it, since because of the war imports from neighboring countries had considerably diminished resulting in an ever-increasing demand for home products.

Dr. Herzog came to London to petition the Government to grant facilities for the transplanting of Polish Jewish religious seminaries to Palestine. The seminaries are temporarily housed in Lithuania. While here he interviewed Cabinet members, political leaders, the highest church dignitaries and foreign diplomats on his mission. He pointed out that American Jewry was maintaining the seminaries and was prepared to continue to support them in Palestine. He will stop off in Paris and Rome, in the interests of his mission, on his way back to Palestine.