French Lawyers’ Group Bars Jewish Members; Laval Hits Jews
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French Lawyers’ Group Bars Jewish Members; Laval Hits Jews

Jewish lawyers, with few exceptions, and those who were members of Freemason lodges were barred from membership in the French lawyers’ association Jeune Barreau Francais at a meeting of the association in Paris the German wireless reported today.

The only Jewish lawyers permitted to retain membership were those whose grandfathers had been born in France and veterans of the 1914-1918 war.

Vice-Premier Pierre Laval of France was quoted by the German wireless, in an interview with the German news agency correspondent in Vichy, as declaring that “to work for German-French conciliation in order to destroy for good and all the possibility of war between the two peoples is my one and only aim.”

Laval was quoted as saying that whenever a understanding with Germany was attempted in France English policy and its “henchmen” in France, such as “Jews and Freemasons,” intervened.

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