Maccabi Supports Rutenberg Plar
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Maccabi Supports Rutenberg Plar

The World Maccabi Central Committee today called on the Jewish community and Jewish youth to support Pinchas Rutenberg’s proposal for unity.

The Hebrew daily Haaretz defended Rutenberg’s appeal for unity and establishment of an authoritative Palestine Jewish body against criticism of the plan voiced in the American Yiddish press.

“The editors showed a superficial approach to the problem,” an editorial said. “The United States broke an old tradition in its recent elections. Why is Palestine’s humble ’20-year tradition’ untouchable? There is no basis for the best democracy to condemn the Rutenberg appeal nor does–it represent a sign of authoritarianism. Even the American Jewish press has many times pointed out that there is no order in the Palestine party system. Rutenberg desires to introduce order.”

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