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Mcwilliams Followers Rebuffed in Effort to Inject Anti-semitism in Isolationist Rally

A firm rebuke was given to adherents of Joseph E. McWilliams anti-Semitic Destiny Party on Friday night when they attempted to convert an isolationist rally at Mecca Temple into an anti-Jewish demonstration.

A number of McWilliams followers, estimated by some at 500 persons, acting on advance instructions, began shouting anti-Semitic slogans during speeches. As soon as organizers of the meeting became aware of the anti-Semites presence, speaker after speaker repudiated them.

John T. Flynn declared: “We do not approve doctrines which stimulate racial hatreds or religious hatreds or any kind of hatreds in this country.” Senator Burton K. Wheeler said: “I abhor intolerance whether it be predicated upon color, race or religion.” Norman Thomas also denounced racial prejudice.

The rally was sponsored by the America First Committee and the Keep America Out of War Congress.