60 Air-raid Shelters Opened in Tel Aviv
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60 Air-raid Shelters Opened in Tel Aviv

Sixty municipal air raid shelters have been opened in Tel Aviv. The municipality has organized a “municipal shelter service,” which includes the building of shelters and formation of units to render aid and protection during an air-raid alarm.

The 60 shelters, which are scattered in various parts of Tel Aviv have been built with private contributions of local residents. Mayor Isaac Rokach, representatives of the Palestine Government and of the Jewish Agency participated in the formal ceremony of the opening of the shelters, while members of the Air Raid Precaution units performed drills demonstrating how debris are cleared and how wounded are rescued from buildings hit by incendiary bombs.

The shelters are all provided with necessary equipment to give first-aid to wounded. They will be thrown open to the public whenever an air-raid alarm is sounded.

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