Rumania Plans to Oust Remaining Bessarabian Jews
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Rumania Plans to Oust Remaining Bessarabian Jews

A warning to all Bessarabian-born Jews still residing in Rumania to be ready to leave for Soviet-held Bessarabia has been issued by the Rumanian Government, it was reported here today.

The report adds that negotiations are being conducted between the Rumanian and Soviet governments for repatriation to Bessarabia of some 14,000 Jews affected by the warning. The Soviet authorities are reluctant to admit the Jews since the Rumanian Government insists that they must leave their property behind.

The report estimates that 90 per cent of the entire Jewish population in Rumania is now dependent on charity. The confiscation of Jewish enterprises and the dismissal of Jewish employees is increasingly aggravating the Jewish situation.

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