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Vichy to Issue New Anti-jewish Statute; Laws to Be Coordinated with Nazi Legislation

A second “Jewish statute” will be shortly promulgated for unoccupied France, it was disclosed today after a Cabinet meeting. Exemptions will be provided for former front-fighters and also for persons converted to Christianity before June 25, 1940.

(The office in Paris for settlement of the Jewish problem in occupied France has declared that in the future German and French laws about the Jews will be coordinated, the Swiss radio reported.)

(At the same time the Nazi-controlled Hilversum radio, heard in London, reported that 20,000 foreign Jews had been arrested in unoccupied France. In addition, it was reported in Geneva that 5,000 foreign Jews had been arrested in Paris and interned in concentration camps.)

The new law will class Jews as foreigners, the Propaganda Ministry said. Its intention will be to remove Jews “from every job where they have had a hand on the lever of any French activity–banks, industry, commerce, press, radio, cinema, publishing and the theater, as well as public administration.”

The first French anti-Jewish law was issued last Oct. 18 and barred Jews from Government positions and key posts in such professions as the press and cinema, and limited lesser public positions to Jews with war service.