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Aid to Palestine Seen Reaffirmation of Faith in Freedom

Support of the Jewish National Home constitutes reaffirmation of faith in victory and the cause of freedom, it was declared today by Finance Minister J. H. Hofmeyr at a meeting inaugurating the Jewish National Fund campaign.

“Despite the fact that the Jewish National Home is physically endangered today,” he said, “the Jews deem fit to go forward to prove that strengthening the hold on Palestine’s land is the Jewish people’s first and primary purpose. And of course you are right in that view. Everything you do to build up the National Home, every dunam acquired strengthens your cause. By supporting the National Fund and by redeeming further land you reaffirm your faith in victory and the cause of freedom and fortify your claim to full recognition of the land of Judea as the Jewish National Home.”

Pledges received at the meeting were more than double those at the inauguration of the 1938 campaign, it was announced.