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Labor Unions Pledge $100,000 to Ort at Luncheon for George Backer

The sum of $100,000 towards the campaign of $1,250,000 being conducted by the American Ort Federation in the United States was pledged by the Labor Division of the Ort at a luncheon here in honor of George Backer, president of American Ort. More than 150 prominent labor leaders, representing various units of the American Federation of Labor and the C.I.O. were present. Adolph Hald, chairman of the Labor Division of the Ort which arranged the luncheon, presided.

Samuel Shore, vice president of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union, said the ILGWU would raise $25,000 of the sum pledged and the Amalgamated Clothing Workers would add another $15,000 to the amount. Adolph Held, chairman of the Labor Division of the Ort presided.

Responding to the greeting upon his return from a seven-week visit in England, Mr. Backer paid tribute to the war morale of British labor, which he said “was probably the greatest factor in the victorious defense of the British Isles against Nazi assault.”