Washington Criticized for New Immigration Regulations
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Washington Criticized for New Immigration Regulations

Criticizing the new immigration regulations as “red tape which strangles hope for refugees from Europe”, Konneth G. Crawford, Washington correspondent of the PM, New York newspaper, points out in an article today that “the Congressional committees and Administration officials who control the immigration policy have acted in the European crisis as if nothing were happening in the world to justify extraordinary rescue operations.”

“They continue to write over more complicated procedural rules, while men who have fought the good fight against Hitler in Europe wait in long lines at the doors of American consulates,” Mr. Crawford writer. “These men and women, the cream of Europe’s intellectual crop, can be added to the American granary of brains. Some of them almost certainly will be victims of Hitler’s harvest of destruction if they remain where they are much longer.

“Men push papers around in Washington offices while the lines before the Consulates lengthen and while Hitler gets ready to occupy the Vichy and of France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco. There still is time, but not much,” he concludes.

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