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Mortality Among Jews in Warsaw is Fifteen Times Higher Than in Pre-war Years, Ose Reports

Mortality among Jews in Warsaw is now fifteen times higher than in pre-war years, according to data made public here today by the American Committee of OSE, Jewish Health Society.

The figures show that during the month of April there were 2,438 Jewish deaths registered in Warsaw; in May the number of Jewish deaths reached 4,881, while in June 6,000 Jewish deaths were registered.

“Considering that normally, in pre-war days, the mortality among the Jewish population in Warsaw did not exceed from 350 to 420 cases a month and that the Jewish population in Warsaw has grown only by about ten to fifteen percent, we must conclude that the present mortality among Jews in Warsaw exceeds the pre-war figures by no less than fifteen times,” the OSE statement says. “The tragedy of these dreadful figures lies not so much in their absolute number as in the fact that they leap from month to month and assume a catastrophic character spelling doom to the greatest Jewish community in Eastern Europe.”