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Gestapo Arrests Whole Jewish Population in Norwegian City

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All Jewish inhabitants of Tromsce, Northern Norway, have been arrested by the Gestano and sent to hard labor, it was reliably reported here today.

The Jews, including school children, were driven through the town on small cars. A teacher, M. Jordfald, who asked the Gestapo to release the Jewish school children, was himself arrested “for having the audacity to internee for Jews.”

Simultaneously, it is reported from Oalo that numbers of the Quisliag Party there have attacked a number of Jewish stores and smashed the windows of the Jewish stationery store “Petit Art” and of Jewish firms of Alf Lewin and John Meranewnki. The attacks were coupled with raids by Quislingist groups on Jewish homes for the purpose of “searching,” during which they stole many valuables.

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