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Jewish Agency and Palestine Government Agree on Distribution of Immigration Certificates

The Executive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine today reached an arrangement with the Palestine Government over the distribution of the 750 immigration certificates allotted to Jews under the new schedule for the period from July 1st to September 50th.

The arrangement provides that 500 of the certificates be distributed by the Jewish Agency while 250 are to be distributed by the Government, in addition to 100 immigration certificates which the Government reserved for non-Jewish immigrants.

Of the 500 immigration certificates granted to the Jewish Agency, 100 will be reserved for Jewish refugees from Poland now in Russia and another 100 will be assigned to Jewish refugees from Poland now stranded in Japan. The remainder will be assigned for the immigration of Jewish laborers, chiefly for agricultural work.

Of the 250 certificates which will be distributed by the Government, fifty will be assigned for Jewish capitalist immigrants, seventy-five will be reserved for Jewish youth under the Youth Aliyah, thirty will be granted to parents of Palestine residents, thirty will be issued to rabbis and the remainder is to be divided among other categories of Jewish immigrants.