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Law Prohibiting Jews to Emigrate from Reich Extended to Czech Protectorate

The introduction of forced labor for all Jews in the Czech protectorate was foreseen here today as a result of an order issued in Prague this week barring emigration from the Protectorate of all able-bodied Jewish men and women aged between 18 and 45.

The order issued in Prague follows the line of a similar order issued in Berlin a fortnight ago prohibiting Jewish men and women in the same age group from leaving the Reich. An order issued in Berlin today supplements the decree with a provision that Jews older than 45 who are permitted to emigrate abroad will no longer be allowed to carry with them records showing their military service in the Germany army during the last world war.

German police raided Jewish homes in Prague in the course of last week and seized typewriters, clothing and other articles. The victimized owners were then forced to report to police headquarters and sign statements that they had “voluntarily” contributed the articles to the German Red Cross.